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Manage company voicemails with Google Apps

If your business is anything like ours, voicemail matters. We'd love to answer every phone call, but sometimes people call during off hours or while we're on the phone with someone else.

Traditional voicemail systems suck, however. Using the phone to access an inbox is a terrible form of human-machine interaction, especially if you're used to the quickness of email. I don't want to "press 1 to hear new messages"; I want the messages to appear in front of me.

Enter Google Voice. This amazing web app, part of the Google Apps suite of online software, manages your voicemail for you on the web. Every message left is transcribed for quick reading, then emailed to you or to a group of your staff, it all depends on how you set it up.

Because a message left hanging can quickly turn a current customer into a past customer, it's essential that someone on your team get back to every voicemail left as quickly as possible. But once that team member calls back, how do the other members know not to call back themselves?

Simple: you respond to the voicemail notification to reach everyone quickly in the company. Depending on the situation you can summarize the conversation, maybe you'll request someone else call the individual, or you can simply let your other colleagues know the conversation has happened and all is well. The point is the entire team, whether they are in the office that day or working from home, knows what's going on.

Sound complicated? It isn't. We can set this up for your business, and even train your staff to use it properly. Give us a call or contact us for more information. Google Voice is just one part of a suite of software that will change the way you do business, for the better.