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Letter from the CEO: April 2023

Dear Friends of Xceptional,

The last few months have been busy at Xceptional, but busy in the best ways possible.
So let’s dive into what’s new!

We are updating our XceptionalCare Complete service offering to now include
EDR/MDR and JumpCloud as an MDM solution. For clients who are on an existing
XceptionalCare Complete contract, we will be reaching out to you in the weeks to come
to discuss amending your contract. Our intentions with these updates are to keep this
service offering up to date with the market. We believe that a holistic, bundled option
should also include the latest basic security necessities. We hope that you’ll find these
updates to be valuable.

With growth comes investments, and currently we are making an investment in human
capital. We pride ourselves on providing an Xceptional experience for each of our
clients, and we believe that by adding more engineers and project managers to the
team, we are holding ourselves true to that standard. More engineers means more
brainpower and expertise to help our clients accomplish their IT and business goals.
More project managers means we can deliver projects more efficiently and in a timely
manner. It’s all to help our clients have an Xceptional experience. So over the next
couple of months you will get the chance to interact and engage with our newest team

Next I would like to take a moment to brag about my colleagues and the well-deserved
recognition they have recently received. Most of you know that Danielle was named San
Diego Business Journal’s Business Women of the Year for 2022, but I am proud to
share that she was a finalist for the SDBJ’s CFO of the Year award for a second time in
a row! Additionally, Elizabeth (Betsy) was named a Women of Influence in Tech
Honoree. I am incredibly proud to be able to work with these two women. The next time
you talk with them, please congratulate them on their accomplishments.

Lastly, the Xceptional team will be at a few different industry events in May, Channel
Partners Expo and Cisco Small Business Advisory Board to be specific. We will learn
about the latest trends and happenings in the MSP industry, and we’ll have a chance to
meet some of the executives at Cisco to share our feedback and thoughts on products
and programs. We’ll also get a chance to hear from Cisco what’s to come in the next
year as their fiscal year starts in July.

I have high hopes that our first quarter is only a small taste of what’s to come for the
rest of the year, and I’m excited by it. As always, I welcome your feedback and thank
you for your continued support!