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5 ways a Cloud Directory will save your business

What is a Cloud Directory - A Cloud Directory is a centrally managed directory that allows you to manage your employees access to resources in your organization. Imagine being able to give a new employee in your sales department access to all of the resources that the sales department uses by creating one profile for that employee. More importantly, imagine being able to take away access to all of those resources by suspending one profile. No more manually going through lists of software and apps to grant access or suspend access. Cloud Directories even give you control of the access your employees have to hardware and the corporate internet, all with policies managed under one profile.
Here are the Top 5 ways that a Cloud Directory is guaranteed to save your organization:
  • No more shared credentials.  A Cloud Directory forces your staff to maintain private credentials, and therefore, access is given only to users that need access and their access can be audited.
  • No more outdated lists of accounts that were created for employees but not kept up to date.  A Cloud Directory is your easily managed list of accounts that can be broken down into departments and App/software categories and centrally managed.
  • Security from outside attacks needs to be your priority.  Identities/Profiles were the #1 attack vector each of the past 3 years for cyber attacks. Centralize and protect the identities/profiles of your staff in a much more efficient way by using a Cloud Directory.
  • Internal sabotage doesn’t only happen in movies.  Nobody often anticipates a former employee to cause harm to their business by deleting or compromising data but the truth is, it happens….and it happens a lot.  Prevent the unwanted mishandling of data by removing their access immediately and thoroughly including their WiFi access to your network.
  • Permission management means centrally controlling who has access to what.  Accidentally allowing your marketing department staff access to HR files is a thing of the past.  Easily manage permissions with a Cloud Directory.

How much is your investment?

Not as much as you’d think.  Deployments are streamlined and Change Management is implemented to reduce employee frustrations.  The ROI on average is 6 months and puts you in a position to take control of your technology spending.

Xceptional Can Help

If you're looking to implement a cloud directory for your business, or need help with your company's cloud strategy overall, start a conversation with us today! We can assist you and get your business more streamlined!