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Could Your Organization Benefit From a User-Based, Flat-Fee IT Pricing Model?

When it comes to choosing between user-based and traditional device-based IT pricing models, there are quite a few considerations to weigh. Both are all inclusive and offer protections of paying one flat fee to monitor all IT infrastructure. But the similarities stop there.

Device-based pricing is more of an a la carte subscription that can be used to only cover the devices of certain employees, such as CEO and CFO smartphones and laptops.  

User-based pricing is pay-as-you-go and covers all end users. If your organization has 25 employees that utilize 50 laptops and smartphones, your flat-fee IT contract would cover all 50 devices, but you’d only be charged for 25 users. 

To help you navigate this decision making process, ask yourself the following questions.

Does my organization plan to expand and add more devices?

If your answer is yes, you’ll benefit from a user-based pricing model. Because user-based pricing isn’t based on the amount of hardware you run, scaling up by adding more laptops, smartphones, and tablets will not increase your fee.

Coverage under this plan typically includes 24/7 monitoring and alerting, anti-virus and patching, data backups, password and file storage, support tickets, and more.

Do I need predictable monthly expenses to stay on budget?

If you need to know exactly how much your monthly expenses will be to meet your budget – while ensuring your devices are fully protected – you need a user-based pricing plan.

A flat-fee model is simple to understand, as you’ll know how to calculate the total cost based on head-count. Additionally, all users have a full complement of device protections and safeguards no matter what products they prefer to operate. 

Additionally, should you need to keep your employees working remotely, a user-based plan helps ensure their devices are protected – no matter where they are located.

Does my organization have more devices than users?

If the answer is yes, then a flat-fee IT pricing model is for you. All devices are included, no matter the type. Should you decide to upgrade to new models, they will also be included at no extra cost. As your new hardware is incorporated across your organization, the cost of protection won’t increase. 

Do my employees require tech support assistance on a regular basis?

If you answer yes, your organization needs a user-based pricing model. IT support is almost always included in these pricing plans, so you won’t have to worry about an increase in help desk calls should something happen. Organizations with remote workers can rest easy knowing tech support calls won’t cost extra if employees have access or security issues while away from the home office.

Xceptional Is Here to Help

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, we offer the services you need in a user-based pricing model. XceptionalCare Complete covers all your users for one low monthly price. Contact us today for a free, no obligation consultation to learn more about how you’ll benefit from flat-fee IT pricing.